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Be-vocalized is a group of individuals who believe in helping the victims of abuse. We do not charge a penny and help you get justice through our partner lawyers and law firms.


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    We promise to provide you a comfort to share your story with us, either over the phone or over the email and you can also record a video and send it to us at bevocalized@gmail.com

    Please always mention your name and contact, so that one of our good Samaritans can reach back to you.

    Our Current Victim Cases

    Zantac (Ranitidine)

    Zantac (Ranitidine) is classified as an H2 antagonist that is used to treat and prevent heartburn, stomach ulcers & GERD.

    Multiple Studies that cumulatively describe the production of NDMA after ranitidine ingestion at unacceptable levels, the mechanisms at which NDMA is formed, links of NDMA to cancer.

    BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA- sexual offence – No new cases

    Many sexual abuse survivors have come forward to press charges and bringing the horrid scenes into the light.
    cases deadline is now over.

    Betrayed faith: New York churches hurting the most vulnerable

    Many Catholic nuns, priests, and members of religious cadre have been dragged into revelations, allegations, investigations, trials, and convictions about decades of harassment by Church officials, and desperate attempts to cover up reported incidents.

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    BeVocalized, is not a law firm. Its an agency which operates to help the victims match with the expert lawyers who have experience in specific cases.! Our team will need to share your information with the law firms and legal partners.

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    7 days a week : 24 / 7 hours support chat